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The ultimate solution to this problem is AirLock 100 - an ingenious innovation that is simply brought in place between the window and the window frame and which then regulates the air exchange Airfficently and Locks out pests and keeps out the rain.
AirLock 100

What is an AirLock 100? Those who are fortunate enough to have one would say that it is just the thing you need to transport the warm air from your tumble dryers, dehumidifiers or your monobloc air conditioners to the outside of your room, cellar or house without having to knock a hole in the wall or drill through several feet of bricks or concrete.

So what exactly is an AirLock 100? Well, like all good inventions the AirLock is simply a stroke of genius. At first sight it may only seem to be a flexible venting hose which you can attach to your appliance to siphon off the warm air from the room in which you are using it, but a closer look will reveal that AirLock 100 is also several sheets of hard-wearing, water-repellent material with a low heat transfer value that can be fitted between a window frame and an open window leaving you with a small hole through which the venting hose can be placed.

Now comes the best part: not only does the AirLock 100 let the warm air out, it doesn’t let the cold air in. The AirLock 100 fits so snugly that it dramatically reduces the costs which would normally ensue when you jam your venting hose in the window frame and leave your window open. But that’s not all: There is no longer any need to scramble to shut the window when there’s a sudden downpour, because the AirLock 100 won’t let the rain – or flies, gnats or other creepy crawlies - in either. Although it may be many things, the AirLock 100 is not a fail-safe way of keeping burglars out when you are away. All you have to do when you leave the house though is close the window – the AirLock 100 does not have to be dismantled and put together again every single time.

The AirLock 100 is suitable for all commonly-used window types – no matter whether they open to the left or to the right – or whether they are bottom hung windows or skylights, as long as they do not measure more than 400cm (13.1ft) around the outside.

Because of the savings you make from being able to let the warm air out without letting the cold air – and pests in the summer - in your AirLock 100 pays for itself many times over. Like we said. Quite simply a stroke of genius.
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