Dehumidifier TTK 32 E + BM31 Moisture Meter

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Dehumidifier TTK 32 E + BM31 Moisture Meter

Powerful drying combined with consistent comfort

The comfort dehumidifier TTK 32 E adapts itself to any room environment due to its pleasantly modest exterior. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it does not take much space, but simply does its job reliably in the background - and with all conceivable comfort functions of its class.

The TTK 32 E is equipped with a hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification function, in which a target preselection for the desired air humidity of 40, 50 or 60% can be entered. The device automatically activates when the value is exceeded and switches itself off automatically as soon as the desired target value has been reached. Rooms can not be dehumidified more energy-efficiently than with such an automatic system - the TTK 32 E, for example, reliably keeps dwellings and offices up to an area of 15 m² with a dehumidifying capacity of up to 12 liters per day reliably dry.

In addition, the permanent dehumidification is available as a further mode of operation, also in the form of unattended continuous operation. During continuous operation, the device drains the condensed water directly by means of a hose - the perfect solution for dehumidifying the holiday home, for example. Illuminated LED displays show the currently selected operating mode.

The topic of safety is also in good hands with the TTK 32 E: For example, a level warning lamp with a full water tank warns, and the overfill protection with auto-shut-off ensures that the function stops immediately. A viewing window also allows a view into the water tank, so that the level can be controlled at any time.

Thanks to an auto-restart function, the device restarts with the preselected setting after a power interruption once power is restored - making the TTK 32 E suitable for use with an external timer.

The design of the dehumidifier is completed by the easily accessible and washable air filter. Provision has also been made for the easiest possible change of location from one room to another: A practical cable and plug holder facilitates transport as well as the stowable carrying handle and the steerable wheels.

Special features:

  • Control panel with LED lighting
  • Easy to clean construction
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very compact and lightweight device in its performance class
  • Integrated plug fixation

Benefits for the practice:

  • Hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification with target value preselection for 40, 50 or 60% r.F.
  • As soon as the desired humidity level is reached, the compressor switches itself off automatically. The fan runs for a while, switches off after some time. The display remains on. If exceeded, the device activates automatically.
  • Auto-restart function for use with an external timer
  • Permanent mode
  • Easily accessible air filter, easy to clean. Filters animal hair, lint, fluff, dust and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Level warning lamp with full water tank
  • Overfill protection with auto shutdown
  • Recirculating air defrosting
  • Connection for external condensate drain

Technical Details:

  • Dehumidification capacity, max .: 12 l / 24 h
  • Air volume: 118 m³ / h
  • Working range (temperature): 5 ° C to 35 ° C
  • Working range (relative humidity): 35% to 85% r.F.
  • Power connection: 1 / N / PE ~ 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption max.: 0.25 kW
  • Rated current: 1.4 A
  • Recommended fuse: 6 A
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Refrigerant quantity: 80 g
  • GWP factor: 1,430
  • CO2 equivalent: 0.11 t
  • Water tank: 2.1 l
  • Sound pressure level: 45 dB (A)
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 215 x 315 x 420 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg

BM31 Moisture Meter

The BM31 is an electronic Moisture Meter, by which moisture near to surface of different materials can be detected fast, easy,and time saving. Moisture distribution can be located at walls, floors or ceilings.

Due to the dielectric measurement method the moisture indication happens non-destructive, no electrodes or probes need to be put into the messured object.The BM31 is not only ready to use immidiately, it convinces about a short response time during measurement and shows the user, besides the current real time measured value, helpful additional informations like minimal and maximum values at a push of a button on the readable backlit display. Furthermore the current measured value can be recorded by hold function.

With this Moisture measurement instrument it ist not only possible to indicate fast various material moisture values near surface, it is perfectly suitable for preliminary test of the workability of building material at cm measurement.

Benefits in practice:

  • Trotec: 100 % development, design, manufacturing
  • Fast and non-destructive indication of moisture distributions in near-surface regions
  • Useful preliminary test for CM measurements
  • Minimum value, maximum value and hold function
  • Automatic function and battery test
  • Ready to use
  • Best value for money
  • Illuminated display
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Practice optimized German industrial design - protected design


  • Maximum and minimum value display
  • Hold-function
  • Illuminated display
  • Automatic switch-off

Technical details:

  • Measuring principle: dielectric, non-destructive
  • Measuring range: 0 up to 100 digits
  • Resolution: 1 digit
  • Penetration depth: 5 up to 40 mm
  • Power supply: 9 V IEC 6LR61
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 180 x 45 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 180 g

Scope of delivery: Measurement device, battery, operating manual

Technical data
General information
  Article number
Dehumidification performance
  At 30 °C / 80 % RH [l/24h] 12
  Max. [l/24h] 12
Amount of air
  Stage Max. [m³/h] 118
Recommended room size construction drying
Recommended room size dry keeping
Surrounding conditions
  Min. temperature range [°C] 5
  Max. temperature range [°C] 35
  Min. humidity range [% RH] 35
  Max. humidity range [% RH] 85
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 1.4
  Power input [kW] 0.25
  Recommended fusing [A] 6
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 1.6
  Reciprocating piston compressor
  Rotary piston compressor
  Type of cooling agent R-134a
  Amount of cooling agent [g] 80
  GWP factor 1,430
  CO2 equivalent 0.11 t
  Suction Side pressure [MPa] 0.7
  Discharge Side Pressure [MPa] 1.7
Water tank
  Contents in [l] 2.1
Sound values
  Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 45
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 215
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 315
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 420
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 11
Equipment, features and functions
Automatic defrosting
  Hot gas
Automatic dehumidification
  Non-stop dehumidification
  stages 1
Condensate tank monitoring
  Container available
  Indicator container full
  Shut-off when full
Room air filter
  Readily accessible
  Ionizer selectable
Timer function
  Switch-on time preselectable
  Switch-off time preselectable
Functions and features
  Automatic operation
  Continuous operation
  Water filling level indicator
  Memory function
  Cable holder
  Function for drying laundry
  Comfort button
  Selectable ionisation
  Internal drying function
  Night mode
Operating hours counter
  Operating hours counter
  Power meter
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Plastic wheels
Condensate drain
  Hose connection possible
  Hose included in the scope of delivery
  Condensate pump
  Recommended hose size [mm] 13.5 mm
Control panel
  Control knobs
Adjustable air discharge direction
  Swing function
Housing design
  Metal plastic composite housing
  Steel coated
  Stainless steel

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available

Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.205.031
Wood moisture [%]
  Min. measuring range [%]
  Max. measuring range [%]
  Resolution [%]
  Accuracy [%]
  Measuring principle
  Min. temperature compensation [%]
  Max. temperature compensation [%]
Material moisture [%]
  Min. measuring range [%]
  Max. measuring range [%]
  Accuracy [%]
  Resolution [%]
  Measuring principle
Material moisture [digits]
  Min. measuring range [Digit] 0
  Accuracy 1
  Resolution [Digit] 1
  Measuring principle Dielectric/capacitive
  Min. penetration depth (non-destructive) [mm] 5
  Max. penetration depth (non-destructive) [mm] 40
  Max. measuring range [Digit] 100
Power supply
  Internal (battery) 1 x 9 V block battery
Device control
  Push buttons
Surrounding conditions
  Operation - min. temperature [°C] 0
  Operation - max. temperature [°C] 50
  Operation – min. relative humidity [% r.F.]
  Operation - max. relative humidity [% RH] 80
Housing design
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 180
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 35
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 45
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.18
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Measuring device
  Operating manual
  Protective cap
  Electrode tips (1.5 x 20 mm)
  Electrode tips (2.2 x 8 mm)
  2x union nuts
  Wood type directory
  Factory test certificate
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  Material moisture [digits]
  Wood moisture [%]
  Material moisture [%]
Functions and features
  Minimum value display
  Maximum value display
  Hold function
  Automatic switch-off
  Non-destructive measurement method
  Backlit display
  Acoustic alarm function
  Selection sensor characteristic map (sens)
  Unit 2
  Selection of wood material characteristics (Mat)
  Temperature compensation
  Manual temperature setting
  Automatic functional test
  Automatic battery test
  Mode selection slide control
  Retaining clip

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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